Safe To Say

[Very in love]




This was literally the funniest one. Even He couldn’t help but laugh.

(Source: thisiswhereiletmymindexplode, via handsome-ass-wisconsin-hipster)

So I live in a studio apartment. I have no windows except in my bathroom… And sliding doors to the backyard. Needless to say, I have to sleep with the sliding doors open other wise id suffocate. Well, this morning I open my eyes because I heard my landlord’s daughter yelling at the dogs (as per usual) and I look up to see one of the dogs trying to come in here. So I yell, “GET OUT” and immediately hear my landlord start to yell. It was like a shouting contest this morning at 8am right outside my door.

I can’t take this shit. It’d be nice if I could just sleep for one whole night without being disturbed.

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